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First Amendment Policy

It is the policy of the Okeechobee County Fair to allow free speech activity whenever said activity is not inconsistent with the normal operations or activities of the Okeechobee County Fairgrounds.

  • An attendee may not use, in any manner, fighting words or obscenities. Within the Okeechobee County Fairgrounds, no individual shall participate in loud, rude or unreasonable behavior; may not use a sound device, including but not limited to a bullhorn or other sound amplifying device that creates sufficient volume to be heard more than 20 feet; disturb the public peace; make threatening comments, actions or gestures towards others; obstruct the use and enjoyment of any facility, area or event; act in a disorderly manner; or participate in any behavior or activity which in the opinion of the Executive Director or the Executive Director’s designee may affect the safety or well-being of any person attending the Okeechobee County Fair or a Okeechobee County Fair licensed event.
  • An attendee may not sell or advertise any merchandise or service.
  • An attendee may not advertise, solicit, canvass or disseminate information to an individual in or on a motor vehicle or at any location within a parking lot.
  • An attendee may not advertise, canvass, solicit or disseminate written materials in any location inside Okeechobee County Fair's admission gates, or in any exhibit space assigned to an exhibitor space by the Okeechobee County Fair. The Okeechobee County Fair assigns commercial exhibit spaces within an exhibit area for a fee. Exhibitors who are assigned a commercial exhibit space are subject to the fees, conditions, rules and other information about exhibiting in a particular Exhibit Area published in the Handbook for each Exhibit Area.
  • During events organized by an exhibitor, the exhibitor shall be responsible for regulating the advertising, canvassing, soliciting and disseminating of written materials in locations inside the Okeechobee County Fair’s admission gates.
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