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Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to Sponsor the Fair?

Greetings from the Okeechobee County Fair Association.  I am writing to you regarding a great sponsorship opportunity. The Okeechobee County Fair is held annually in March and is a 501C3 non-profit organization which was established in 2005. Our mission is to provide a quality county fair that will allow children and adults alike to participate in and enjoy. We currently have over 400 youth and adults exhibiting their projects, as well as over 15,000 patrons annually.  We also provide scholarships to two high school seniors to help them further their education. It is our goal to provide all our guests and exhibitors with a window to Okeechobee County’s Agricultural Heritage. In 2010 we were given the Blue Ribbon Fair award from the Florida Federation of Fairs.  

The fair is run strictly by volunteers and operates with the help of our sponsorship and donations. Without the help of our sponsors we would not be a fair at all. This is where you come in. We are writing to ask if you would be willing to be one the great sponsors for the 2016 fair. This will be a tax deductible investment that can benefit both the fair and your business. This year is our 9th year and we want it to be spectacular.  
Your sponsorship monies will go towards different expenses such as tents, tickets, trophies, building supplies, entertainment and more. If you were a sponsor for the fair we would gladly display a sign with your business name and logo as well as in some of our advertising. This is a unique way to achieve your businesses marketing,advertising and public relations goals. Please look over the contents of this packet and see which level of sponsorship would be right for you. Each level has its own unique appeal and benefits.  Please take a look at our different sponsorship levels. You may choose something specific to sponsor or just choose to donate to our fair. You can even pick more than one category to sponsor.



2017 Sponsorship Packet

On-Line Sponsorship Options

Corporate Sponsorship
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $5,000.00
Platinum Sponsorship
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $2,500.00
Gold Sponsorship
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $1,500.00
Silver Sponsorship
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $1,000.00
Bronze Sponsorship
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $500.00
Ribbon Sponsor
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $750.00
People Shuttle Sponsor
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $500.00
Picnic Bench Sponsor
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $500.00
Ticket Booth Sponsor
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $500.00
Parking Lot Sponsor
Jan 01 - Mar 10, 2017 $500.00
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