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Eudora Farms

Experience our interactive, hands on exotic animal petting zoo, it has been a popular attraction at many festivals and events throughout the southeast. It includes 20-25 rare and exotic animals from around the world. Animal ambassadors such as, “Little Joe” (the wallaby) “Juliet” (The Scotch Highlander) “Humphrey” (The Camel) “Rascal” (The Fennec Fox) and “Kevin Bacon” (the Pot Belly Pig). All the animals bring smiles to all who meet them! We place the highest priority in cleanliness and professionalism which has helped to build a reputation of quality that’s hard to find.

Our camel rides provide a once in a lifetime experience many will not soon forget. “Bubba”, our camel has made a name for himself doing over 30,000 rides in the past 3 years and entertaining crowds by drinking his diet coke. He has been so popular that we’ve added two other camels to assist him with his days.

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