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Horses, Horses, Horses

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Lisa has turned her love of animals into a lifelong career. From her youngest days growing up in Worcester, Massachusetts, her natural skill with horses led her to a career performing, choreographing and competing with horses. With over thirty years experience training animal acts of all kinds, Lisa’s performances with her animals have delighted audiences across the world. Her first love and specialty, Lisa’s horses have waltzed their way into Japan, danced in the Main Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, appeared on stage at Lincoln Center during the Lincoln Center Theatre Festival, and circled the United States for various circuses, stage shows, fairs and horse theatres, including a number of years performing with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey. She has been featured in a number of television programs, magazines and newspapers and books, covering her work with horses, zebras, camels, llamas, pigs and sea lions. Lisa an active dressage teacher, competitor, coach and clinician, appearing at Equitana USA, and many Equine Affaires in Massachusetts and Ohio demonstrating her training techniques. She has competed at the International level and is a Gold and Silver Medalist in the United States Dressage Federation and has won numerous National, Regional and Zone Year End Awards with her dressage horses and was invited to compete at Dressage At Devon three years in a row and placed each year and was also awarded the Amateur High Point Award. Aside from teaching and coaching and competing, Lisa is also the owner/operator of the performing horse show called Horses Horses Horses!! This show has been awarded the Circle of Excellence Award by the Outdoor Amusement Business Association.
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