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Sunshine Monkeyshine


Monkeys are experts at getting your attention, but they are usually seen only at zoos because they do not make good pets, and few of us can afford a trip to the Rain Forest! However, you have the unique opportunity to bring the wonderful Capuchin monkeys of SunShine MonkeyShines to your special group.


Our current family consists of 5 monkeys. They have been donated for various reasons, ranging from retired organ grinder monkeys, unsuccessful pets, and some have even been retired from laboratories. Each of them came with their special personalities, which have been shaped by past life experiences, both good and bad.


We have 2 different types of monkeys. Our blended family includes 5 monkeys, 2 hard working humans, and 3 cats. Our family shares our traveling "monkey mobile," which is a 28 ft. motor home and our home in Eastern Tennessee. We have a new baby Capuchin monkey named Silly Willy. He is so cute in the show. He really loves to see people!! Maggie Mae, Pincher and Serina are also Capuchin monkeys. They are helping to teach Silly Willy about monkey life. Chewbacca is our outer space monkey. He looks like he is, anyway. He is a Common Marmoset and he loves to show people how handsome he is. He loves to moon people with his really nice long tail!


We feel it is our role to provide the most safe, secure and enriched environment possible. Companionship is of primary importance, as monkeys are extremely social creatures. Though some of our monkeys have come from abusive situations, still others have arrived after being dearly loved. The fact that monkeys in captivity can live well into their 40's, yet never mature past toddler hood (by human standards), can present an overwhelming predicament. We provide a safe haven, as well as a network, so that captive primates will have positive, long-term life alternatives.

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